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We offer customized, realistic debt settlement programs for Canadian consumers. Our uniquely structured debt settlement programs can help consumers avoid bankruptcy, while enabling them to eliminate their debt. We can eliminate your debt by negotiating settlements with your unsecured creditors. In addition, we will devise a monthly debt management plan that you can afford. Typically clients can save up to 50% and you can get out of debt in 36 months or less with one easy and typically far lower monthly payment than you are facing now.

By filling out the form above you can set up a free debt settlement analysis with one of our debt solutions experts. Your financial situation will be analyzed and you will be presented the debt settlement options available to you at no cost or obligation! You can also use our debt calculator to give you a quick idea of how a debt settlement program can help you as a Canadian resident.

Handled by lawyers who specialize in the consumer debt industry, Premier Debt Help offers the most comprehensive debt settlement programs in Canada. Most other debt settlement companies aren't backed by such legal experts, so they don't have the knowledge to deal with your creditors and reduce your debt. Premier Debt Help is a debt settlement company you can trust. Our lawyers possess great expertise in debt settlement and can settle your debts in a legal manner.

Being one of the few debt settlement companies in Canada backed by lawyers in the consumer debt industry, we can offer you the most comprehensive debt reduction programs available. All it takes is one free consultation! Your financial situation will be analyzed and you'll be presented a series of great debt settlement options, at no cost or obligation!

Debt Help Canada

Premier Debt Help has hands on experience with all types of legal debt issues including legal collections, judgment enforcement, bankruptcy and all facets of debt settlement , negotiation, consolidation and debt settlement. Today, Premier Financial Debt Help has become a leader in assisting Canadian consumers in financial distress and those being harassed by collection agencies. If you are having a difficult making your payments and if you are overextended or delinquent and/or receiving harassing creditor calls, absorbing late fees, penalties, interest and over the limit fees, we can help.

Our debt help programs are a powerful way to reduce your current balances and eliminate your debt completely in the shortest amount of time. Premier Financial Debt Help has helped thousands of consumers to get rid of their unsecured debts and is dedicated to assisting all clients to help them become debt free within a reasonable amount of time. We can usually eliminate your debt completely in 36 months or less. We provide debt help for Canadian residents, consumers and businesses throughout Canada. Fill out our no obligation debt settlement form at the top of this page to get a free, no obligation consultation to see if we can help you today.

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Credit Card Debt Help Canada

Many Canadians are faced with the situation of not having enough cash to live on. We realize that some middle and lower income earning families have been hit hard by the recession and have had no choice but to turn to credit cards to pay for basics such as food, rent and utilities. To make matters worse, some Canadians who fall just a little bit behind and are making a payment will most likely be hit with a higher rate, which decreases their odds of getting their credit card debt off their shoulders. We offer credit card debt relief solutions that will eliminate your debt completely in 36 months or less you can get back on your feet and on your life.

Premier Debt Help can help such Canadian consumers and families that are facing insurmountable Credit Card Debt.


Below is a quick outline of what you can expect throughout our credit card debt help program

  • Initial Consultation
    Our free personal confidential initial debt help consultation will address your personal situation in detail and will provide you with detailed information regarding your options to getting out of debt as quick as possible as well as any debt related issues, credit bureau issues, questions you may have and overall strategies to helping you get out of debt.
  • Information Review
    Your consultant will review all of your supporting documentation, and finalize the best strategy available to you. You can then decide if utilizing the Premier Debt Help services is right for you.
  • Plan Design & Execution
    Your debt settlement specialist will work closely with you to get your settlement plan in motion and ultimately execute the plan. Regular conversations will be held and updates are given on the progress of the file while the information is gathered.
  • Completion
    Your Premier Debt Help consultant will complete the financial restructuring, set up your payment plan and secure informal settlement acceptances letters to get you out of debt.

Debt Relief Canada

With Premier Financial Debt Help working on your side, you can expect the following

  • Reliable Debt Relief Help from a #1 ranked “best debt settlement company” that you can trust.
  • A Professionally trained staff that will work closely with you and follow-up with you every month as you go through the program. Debt Settlement is an alternative to Debt Consolidation
  • A staff that will always be on hand to answer any questions through the debt program.
  • A very reasonable payment plan that you can cope with. One that will ensure that you become debt free at program completion.
  • A debt relief program that will eliminate your credit card interest and allow you to make one low affordable monthly payment instead of continuing to pay many huge bills each month.
  • Our debt settlement professionals will work diligently and negotiate with your creditors to get your existing balances as low as possible.
  • Credit Card debt relief that is faster then a consumer proposal and more effective then bankruptcy.
  • Credit Card Debt Relief that works! Within 12 to 36 months of starting our debt settlement program, you can expect to settle your debts and become debt free with a payment plan that you can afford.
  • 100% freedom from your debt! – Credit card debt relief that works!
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